Pastoral Searches

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Assistance for congregations in the pastoral search process. An offer has been made to offer pro bono assistance to international congregations searching to fill pastoral vacancies. Check this link for additional inforaiton.

To include your congregation's listing here, please contact the webmaster, Dr. James Dwyer at

Please point out any errors you become aware of, especially those involving congregations for which you may have direct knowledge. Thank you for your assistance.

The following churches are known to be pursuing searches for new pastoral staff (more recent submissions first):

Beijing, China — The Church of the Good Shepherd is seeking a pastor. View their announcment here.
Jurbise, Beligium -- International Baptist Church-Jurbise is seeking a bi-lingual English- and French-speaking pastor for a congregation from many denomiatnional backgrounds. Details are available in the position annoucnement availalble here.
Karachi, Pakistan — International Church of Karachi is looking for a pastor to begin at an early date. See the announcement details here.
San Pedro Sula, Honduras — International Christian Fellowship (ICF), San Pedro Sula, is looking for a pastor or interim to begin in April 2014. The application deadline is January 31, 2014. See the announcement details here.
Henderson Memorial Presbyterian Church in West Leederville, Western Australia (inner suburb of Perth), is seeking a pastor who is bilingual and fluent in Japanese and English languages. Click on the link for details and to view the church's website. The closing date for applications is 20 August 2013, but we reserve the right to accept late applications.
Quito, Ecuador—Advent-St. Nicholas Church (ASN) is seeking a pastor. Click on the link for details and to view the church's website. Applications are being received ongoing.
Bishkek, Kyrgystan — International Church of Bishkek (ICB) is seeking an Associate Pastor couple. Click the link for further information. [This position is in essence a volunteer position, with some support offered by the church.] Updated 2013-10-08.
New Delhi, India — Delhi International Christian Fellowship is seeking a pastor beginning as early as March 2012 [posted 2011-12-21].
Mazatlan, Mexico — The English-speaking congregation of the Christian Congregational Church of Mazatlan, Mexico, is seeking a retired pastor to serve their seasonal flock (50-150) of interdenominational Christians beginning in November of 2011.
Bali, Indonesia — Bali Protestant Christian Church — Short-term volunteer pastors needed in international congregations. [Awaiting update]
Searches closed or positions filled:
  • Santiago (Chile) Community Church
  • APCH — American Protestant Church of the Hague
  • Ferney Voltaire, France — Crossroads Evangelical Church
  • Geneva, Swieterland — The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh — Dhaka International Christian Church
  • Lima, Peru — Union Church of Lima
  • Prague, Czech Republic — International Church of Prague (summer 2013)
  • Tokyo, Japan -- Tokyo Union Church (early 2013)
  • Manila, Philippines -- Union Church of Manila Youth Director (early 2012)
  • Hong Kong, China — Island ECC (Evangelical Community Church) (6 October 2012)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania — The International Church of Vilnius — pastor (13 July 2012).
  • Tokyo, Japan — Tokyo Union Church Senior Pastor (23 May 2012)
  • Prague, Czech Republic — International Church of Prague interim pastor and youth pastors (12 April 2012)
  • Caracas, Venezuela — United Christian Church in Caracas (11 April 2012)
  • Paris, France -- The American Church of Paris, Full-Time Associate Pastor (2011).
  • Tokyo, Japan -- St. Paul International Lutheran Church, senior pastor (2011)
  • Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church (New Zealand), English-language assistant pastor (2011).
  • Vienna Community Church (Austria), Senior Pastor (2011)
  • La Paz Community Church (Bolivia), Senior Pastor (2011.)
  • Union Church Hong Kong, China, Executive Director (2011)
  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pastor (2011)
  • Tokyo Union Church (TUC), interim pastor (2011)
  • Union Christian Church in Honduras, pastor (2011)
  • International Evangelical Church in Finland, second pastor (2011)
  • Taipei International Church, interim pastor (2011)
  • The English-speaking Congregation of Church of the Good Shepherd (Taipei,Taiwan) (2011).
  • The International Protestant Church (IPC) of Zurich (2011).
  • Advent-St. Nicholas Church (ASN) in Quito, Ecuador (2011).
  • The International Church of Stavanger, Norway (2010).
  • The International Church of Karachi (ICK) (2010).
  • United Church of Bogota (Colombia) — Search for a Senior Pastor (2010)
  • Community Church Hong Kong — Senior Pastor (2009)
  • The Congregation of the Good Shepherd (COGS), Beijing, China (2010).
  • The La Paz (Bolivia) Community Church (LPCC) (2010)
  • St. Paul International Lutherna Church, Tokyo, Japan (2010)
  • Kobe Union Church, Japan (2009).
  • Kathmandu International Christian Congregation (KICC), Nepal (2009)
  • International Church of Lucerne, Luzern, Switzerland (2009)
  • Cambodian Christian Fellowship, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2009)
  • St. Anne's Lutheran Church, London, England, UK (2009).
  • American Protestant Church, Bonn, Germany (2009)
  • Union Church, Lima Peru (2010).