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After nearly 30 years of providing volunteer service as webmaster of the and, more recently,, as well as intermittent service to the website of the Association of International Congregations in Europe and the Middle East I am resolved at age 73 to turn over this task to others.

I am in conversation with a few candidates who have expressed interest in succeeding me, but I would welcome further suggestions, especially from an existing congregation which partakes of the benefits of this website and which has an an active internet presence to which they could add the task of updates to this simple site. The National Council of Churches in the US is also using its channels to draw attention to the pending vacancy. Thank you for thoughts and prayers.

Please be in touch using the email listed for contacts below.


Washington International Church
4420 River Rd NW, Washington DC 20016
Worship: Sunday 10:30 am
Pr: David Farnum
Phone: (202) 895-9060
Fax:(202) 895-0968

Contact — Dr. James Dwyer, responsible for the content.