Assistance for congregations in the pastoral search process.

Mr. Bruce Dingman has made a gracious offer to give pro bono counsel to any church asking. Bruce (see runs a boutique executive search firm.Although he lives in California Bruce has extensive international experience including traveling to 40 countries. Bruce met his American wife in an international church in São Paulo, and he's assisted international churches in Amsterdam, The Hague and Warsaw when they needed to find a new senior pastor. And having lived in four countries and speaking three languages Bruce understands cross-cultural sensitivities and the needs for a family in fitting in a new location and what typically an international church would need in a pastor. Bruce sees his offer of assistance as his ministry to the church.

As web master for the Network for International Congregations I put his name forward without recommendation and without direct knowledge of his work. I have met Mr. Dingman in my home and he has provided two recommendations from situationa where he assisted in the pastoral search. My impression is positive but I can offer no assurances of results he may be able to provide you. The link here will provide access to those recommendations and a brochure about the Dingman Company and Mr. Dingman's coworkers in his firm.

Please contact Mr. Dingman on your own responsiility. Please report back to me any positive or negative experiences you may have which may impact this listing.

The following three documents are provided for your reference.
Mr. Dingman's Company Brochurre
Reference letter 1
Reference Letter 2

Best wishes for any ensuing involvement between your congregation and The Dingman Company.

—James Dwyer, webmaster.